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We Help Overwhelmed Business Leaders Emerge From Flatlines.

Let's Face it:

It Takes A Village to Scale A Business

Staffing, marketing, operations, accounting, talking with customers, these are just a few of the roles you need to fill in order to start a business in today’s age. 


For a while, you can get away with wearing many of these hats but there’s alway a tipping point where you need to think bigger. 


A point where you’ve got to think more on your business as opposed to in it.


That’s where we come in.

Retail & Hospitality


Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Online Solutions

Technology Everyday

IT infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation for any company. We deploy your technology base so you only have to do it once and know it works seamlessly.

Operational Workflow

People and processes make or break your business. We design SOP’s so your team hums along smoother and everything gets communicated.

Business Intelligence

The data you get dictates the decisions you make. We audit your reporting so the process is effective and by the time the numbers hit your desk they are accurate and matter. 

Digital Marketing

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. We automate your marketing so you attract new customers to your doors consistently and re-engage with past ones.

We Help You Emerge From Flatlines

We help take the weight off your shoulders by helping you run your business.

Where is Your Gap?

When you work with us, we’re searching your business for gaps to assist you. What areas of your business do you really need help in? How can we leverage your human capital more effectively? Where and how to devote resources to grow?


With this approach, you’ll spend less time on the inner workings and more time on the big picture.

Your Friend In the Digital Age

What Makes Us Different

Businesses aren’t just businesses to us. They’re a vehicle for so much more in life. From serving others to more time with our loved ones, we understand your daily labor is not just a job. We want to help you be a vessel for others and live out what you were missioned to do. If you find joy and gratitude in being of service, we’ll be a perfect fit for you.

Solution Partners We Work With

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Financial Services



JTI Helped my company grow from $30k to $3mil in revenue in 9 months! I love working with everyone on the team at JTI and will recommend to anyone looking to grow their business organically.
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Justin Hendrick
Owner - Hendrick Heat & Air

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